12 Peers Capital, the Cayman Islands-based broker-dealer and capital markets firm has announced their first financial contribution into the blockchain ecosystem with their investment into ShareRing.

We are thrilled to announce that ShareRing has secured 12 Peers’ first investment into the Digital Asset space since their advisory engagement with GDA Capital. The firm will be providing ShareRing with growth capital and will assist ShareRing with the distribution and adoption of the SHR token at the institutional level.  

12 Peers Capital Markets, Ltd. (12 Peers) is a broker-dealer incorporated in the Cayman Islands and registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). 12 Peers provide professional advisory and investment management services related to fixed income securities, structured notes and alternative investments for high net worth individuals and institutional investors.

President of 12 Peers, Gordon Ferguson commented on the news with:  

We invested into the ShareRing brand and business structure as it check marked our three boxes for investing: intelligent value, diversification and promise. By also including ShareRing as part as our digital hedge in our Fund, the Avalon Strategic Fixed Income Fund, we are confident this asset will outperform with only moderate risk exposure. We see this latest investment as just the beginning to a long term partnership with Share Token.

President of 12 Peers, Gordon Ferguson

Head of ShareRing, Tim Bos had this to say when asked about the 12 Peers investment; 

We are happy to partner with 12 Peers as their first blockchain investment, a well-respected industry leader of the capital markets. Their expertise and extensive network strengthens our existing partnership relations and opens even more doors for future partnerships in key marketplaces ShareRing’s involved in.”

CEO of ShareRing, Tim Bos

Focused on the fragmented $7 trillion travel economy, ShareRing is an enterprise-ready blockchain that will streamline the world’s sharing and on-demand economies through the ShareRing travel platform. ShareRing’s travel platform creates a more cohesive customer experience by bringing all the necessary activities and bookings into one ecosystem, including hotel check-ins, flights, ferries, bus, train, activities, visa and tourist applications, COVID passports, self-sovereign digital identity cards, mobile wallets, payment solutions and vehicle rentals.

ShareRing’s value proposition includes travelers being able to book and pay for over 2.6 million hotels/accommodations, 1.2 million car rentals, 200,000 activities, and flights in over 200 countries using fiat or crypto.

Read the full press release here: https://uk.news.yahoo.com/12-peers-invests-sharering-shr-130000134.html

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Interested in purchasing SHR tokens? Then you can do so from the following exchanges:  

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