Piloting in Melbourne, ShareRing’s marketplace platform enables customers to effortlessly order groceries and goods from local businesses.

An Unprecedented Pandemic Disrupts Communities and their Marketplace

Millions of people continue in lockdown subject to strict travel restrictions and quarantine measures, which is having a massive ripple effect throughout communities and their local marketplace. 

Currently, there are very few firms in Australia offering an easy to join delivery service for retailers. The aforementioned combined with the majority of customers shopping with online E-Commerce platforms means businesses are struggling to keep their doors open as customers shop outside of their local area.

Australia’s First On-Demand Marketplace 

ShareRing Shop Merchant Platform

ShareRing will work with our delivery network to carry out speedy deliveries for all online app orders. The ShareRing platform opens up a wealth of tools for small businesses, enabling shops to effortlessly sign up, add their own products and use ShareRing’s enterprise-ready solutions, all for free!

Our delivery partners pick up the goods from your chosen shop hassle-free and deliver it from your shopping cart to your doorstep the very same day!

Tim Bos, ShareRing’s CEO, remarked: 

“We are excited to provide Australia’s first on-demand market; helping to support communities during this worldwide crisis.  The ShareRing market will be free to join for shops in Australia, with hassle-free onboarding and enterprise-ready solutions, shops can easily add their inventory and quickly serve their local communities.

Our delivery network of drivers, including merchants who sign up to the marketplace, will need to be verified through ShareRing’s innovative self-sovereign identity management module, named OneID, which allows customers to have complete confidence that their driver and order is as presented”.

ShareRing Shop Features

ShareRing Shop Marketplace App Preview

ShareRing Shop partners with a large number of retailers around Melbourne, from family-run grocers to office supply shops, and even high street chains. We know that every retailer operates differently. No matter which type of retailer you are, ShareRing will give you the support you need to grow your business.

Online Ordering

The ShareRing Shop includes a shopping cart system where customers can search any shops within a 5km radius of their delivery location.


The ShareRing Shop is a highly convenient platform, you can get everything you need all in one place, while also supporting your local businesses. No more paying for parking, standing in long queues or carrying heavy bags.

Tools to market your shop

Be at the forefront of the customer’s mind. Joining the ShareRing Shop can increase revenue, reducing marketing and operation costs. Make more profit by utilizing ShareRing’s ecosystem platform and marketplace


ShareRing Shop is the only multi-merchant online department store in Australia, receive your products the same day! To compare, our main competitor takes 2 days to deliver!

Local Support

The ShareRing Shop can help to keep doors open for local businesses amidst the challenges of COVID-19. We aim to do this by providing a free merchant platform which allows customers to easily order goods from their local retailers.

Ultimate Security

Payments on the ShareRing Shop platform are secure and all of our delivery drivers must undergo identity checks, as well as sign-up with ShareRing ID, so you can have peace of mind that your items will be delivered safely.

FREE of charge to join!

To help with ease of access onto the ShareRing Shop platform, we will provide retailers with front-end solutions to allow them to load their inventory FREE of charge.

Get your Products to your Customers!

Shop owners, please don’t close your doors, ShareRing has a solution for you; turn your business into a delivery hub now and enjoy the benefits of an on-demand, secure and hassle-free marketplace.

Find the link to the ShareRing Shop Landing Page here: https://sharering.network/shop/index.html

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