Operations & Community Question

The recent job advertisement for Social Media Manager; is that for an additional position to the one mentioned back in August?

We underwent a bit of a restructure, and we refined the position as a result. Elvin recently joined our team as the new Marketing Director. He will play an important role in expanding the team and we are looking at hiring for a few positions including – Editor, Community Manager, & Social Media Manager. We are always looking for good candidates who can help improve and grow the team.

Why is the trademark “Sharetoken” not registered to the ShareRing Ltd company? 

Initially, to protect the brand, we registered under our sister company Keaz. It is simply recorded as a part of the process. Since there is no major risk at the moment, it is currently not on our to do list.

Have any outcomes from the Hackathon in Melbourne been acted on?

We are obviously the winners of the Hackathon, despite being on the other side. Through the event we found one of our interns who will be starting with us very soon. She will work alongside the marketing team to gain some penetration in the Chinese market. We will be doing this through the creation of content. We have a lot of things which are being worked on simultaneously in the background, we will share more details as time goes by. This is not only about the business in general, but also about the travel destinations which we are very excited about.

App Features

Would ShareRing consider integrating train schedules into searches, allowing customers to easily compare flight, rail, and travel timetable options side by side?

Absolutely, it is part of the things we aim to accomplish over time. We are currently working on the verticals we have right now and will introduce new ones over time in an ongoing manner.

What fees would be involved with the ‘cash-out’ function, would the Hotel or provider also charge a fee?

The fees would be established by the vendor. We would receive 1% of the costs.

How soon could the top 10 in the queue competition book their holidays, and be granted access in assisting to test the app?

The top 10 would be able to perform all these tasks at launch.

Will ShareRing be producing monthly reports for – car’s rented, rooms booked , etc?

We will be sharing regular marketing updates with the community after the product is launched. At present, we are endeavouring to ensure all of our tracking data and analytics are in place. Elvin will be forefront in driving the digital ads strategy. We will provide detailed reports for these as well.  

Which PCI compliance level will ShareRing be using?

At the moment DSS is all that we need to meet the compliance levels for using ShareRing.

When will the updated Website be ready?

The updated website will be ready at launch. 

How can I book travel for several people (family/friends) using OneID without every one of them having to show their ID in the hotel/rental company?

In this instance, use cases will vary. The important thing to remember is that OneID is complementary.

As many cities around the world enact sharp regulations for companies like Airbnb and Uber or even try to ban them, how does ShareRing plan to handle this?

ShareRing is largely B2B, which means we will be dealing directly with other businesses. We are not trying to break the mould of Uber or Airbnb. We are facilitating asset rentals through existing companies. we are also working with businesses that are already in the market for renting cars, hotels, and short stays. We will not be doing anything that will change from a business standards point of view, or from the point of view of Governments. All we are doing is facilitating in the most accurate, speedy and convenient way so there are not blockers there for us from the B2B perspective.

Will SHR increase profits for (room) providers and if so, is it to be expected that those increased profits will result in lower prices for SHR users?

We aim to place more profitability to the vendor by way of our ecosystem. Our WL solution does this very easily. This depends on how a BSP behaves, and how we behave as a business, so if we can reduce the costs for a business service provider. Likely example, let’s use a hotelier for an example and we provide a service that’s 10% cheaper than competitors, we would like to pass on that saving. This saving will create more visibility for them and that’s a great marketing campaign. So I think that we would be cheaper in many cases. 

Will people using the SHR app see different offers from competitors for the same room?

What we are doing is bringing the inventory into the app and be as competitive as we possibly can. Hence, we do not see a point in showing offers from other competitors.

Will ShareRing consider adding cruise lines in the future? 

In this environment, OneID would be effective. Cruise lines, however, are not vertical and we are not looking at introducing a menace. Whilst a lot of people do like to take cruises it is not something we are looking at, at this point in time.

What is the timeline for allowing people to share/rent items on the platform and support the sharing economy?

We aim to do this in Stage 3, which will be down the track. I expect this to happen around 2021 in being realistic.  We are currently focused on our core vertical, which is largely business to business. This is Stage 2 where we are looking to advance on our B2B strategy.

Can you tell us about the marketing strategy?

Our marketing strategy entails soft launch contests (massive discounts) along with exclusive discounts, and free add-ons for our early adopters.

Tokens & Masternodes

When do we find out how you would delegate a stake and information about the interface where we can see the list of addresses to delegate to and their commission rates, uptime reliability, etc ? 

After you log into your ShareRing wallet all this information will be available and self-managed through the app.

There have been openly stated intents by MN holders to try and collude to charge high staking fees (even 100% to effectively lock out all holders). What will ShareRing do if masternode holders collude to charge really high fees? 

Even 10% is pushing it and against the spirit of the project. It would never happen if any significant holder could spin up a node.  We have not come across this before.  Happy to have a discussion beyond this AMA.  I feel there are technical and inherent blockers to stop this from happening.

When will the updated Proof of Stake document be available?

All our documents are being consistently updated. Any new documents that become publicly available will be shown on the new website through the Blog section.


When might we see something from the collaboration with CanYa, is it still ongoing? 

Our collaboration with CanYa is an ongoing relationship. We are looking forward to working with them potentially using the ShareLedger, this partnership won’t be part of the travel core business.

Is there anything happening with partnerships etc. through MOBI?

We will be introducing a page that will be dedicated to the different partnerships we have. The page will include a deep dive into each of the partnerships through individual write-ups. For example, we have now released the article on BYD. We will be releasing more deep-dive articles over the coming weeks. Stay Tuned!


It is worth mentioning that we have entered into a joint venture with a very well-connected Thai company which is heavily involved in the Travel industry. Through this partnership, we were able to provide our services to two of the largest car rental providers in the country. 

We see this partnership opening up access to more airline bookings, a huge range of bookings and the opportunity to launch activities – which is one of our goals in the near future. All these BSPs will utilize ShareLedger and OneID. 

This joint venture has enabled us to enter into a new partnership where we will have the opportunity to share our resources in new markets. Leveraging the expertise of the local destination which will make it easier to enter new markets instead of entering it cold. The collaboration will have a 50/50 split on the revenue where the local ShareRing partner will utilise our technology and service the end-user and BSPs from a marketing and support point of view.

With the launch of a travel app in Thailand, we will be targeting 5 million+ travelers from over 20 countries.

ShareToken Buyback Scheme

We firmly believe the ShareRing tokens are currently undervalued. We are generating revenue from the Hotel Subscriptions and the Technical Solutions provided by our key partner KEAZ. We will slowly start the buyback program this week. The buybacks will be done at random times. As time goes by, we will provide more details with a write-up.

Youtube Questions

OneID will contain ID’s such as passports, licenses, etc. With Aus Govts recently putting Licences on Blockchain has SHR approached the Aus Govt about this?

We have been in discussion with several government agencies about the benefits of OneID and how they can utilise the service.

How did ShareRing come up with their logo design? 

The logo was designed to showcase our community style where we share two hands.

I’ve heard that India is very picky with the e-visa. Takes a lot of time and special requirements for photos and stuff. So that’s great if it can be quicker.

Tim has spent considerable time in India to better understand the opportunities that are available to us. As we know, these things take time and as our plans come to fruition, we will talk more about the intricacies of the finer details.

Can you provide the name of the partner in Thailand?

We will announce the name of the partner at the appropriate time. This will happen soon. 

Are you planning to partner up with an Insurance company or offer travel insurance directly in the app?

Being in the travel sector, we are certainly looking at offering travel insurance. As we progress with this, we will slowly start offering travel insurance directly through the app.

How are we different than the 30-40 eVOA providers we see on google?

Most of the providers we see on Google are resellers for which one or two of the providers are to governments. It can be intimidating when you see about 30 or 40 of them at once. We are going vertically direct as this will add value to our core system. That is not to say that people won’t resell us but, on our platform, we have a different approach. We are providing the technology stack for which is being used by the various VOA providers. A new roadmap regarding this will soon be available on our website. We have completed this and will be sharing more details very soon.  

When launch? Will it be before the end of the year?  

We are aiming to launch before the end of the year. We are in the final stages of testing at present as we gear up for the launch.

How about Vietnam? Anything on going with Vietnam eVisa or eVOA?

Our Sales team is working relentlessly to engage the different Vietnam government bodies. It is one of our key markets, and our team is working to bring this to fruition.

​Will there be a chat function inside the app for direct assistance? Will 24/7 Customer Service be available?

Yes, we will be offering a chat function in the app for direct assistance. We are hoping to provide 24/7 support at a later stage. Our priority at the moment, is to get the app ready and prepared for launch. Once we have done this, we will look at providing customer service.

Will the eVOA available with the app release?

To make eVOA available, we are doing link sharing with the eVOA partner. Through this, they will promote ShareRing exclusively on their site and allow people to book ShareRing hotels etc.

Will many providers say…Powered by ShareRing?

The providers will be a part of the product.