Dear BitMart Users,

We have listed ShareToken (SHR) on our digital asset platform on June 18, 2019. The following trading pair will be available: SHR/BTC. Please note the available dates for different functions below:

  • Deposit feature: 06/18/2019 8:00 AM (EDT)
  • Trading feature: 06/19/2019 8:00 AM (EDT)
  • Withdrawal feature: 06/20/2019 8:00 AM (EDT)
  • Fees
  • About SHR

We are making this decision according to BitMart Listing Criteria and the local rules and regulations in areas where we operate. We have been strictly enforcing our listing criteria to make sure that the projects we introduce to all BitMart users are secure, compliant, and innovative. We are persuaded that SHR meets these criteria of BitMart. We also took tremendous time and effort to develop our own compliance review system to make sure that our listings of certain tokens/coins do not run afoul of local laws. Our compliance team prudently reviewed all the materials we were provided on a case-by-case basis and reported that SHR is structured and promoted as “Utility Token”, and therefore, should be not categorized as “Security”. We finally decided that listing SHR is in compliance with local rules and regulations in areas where we operate.

Meanwhile, any inquiries, concerns, and questions with regard to our listing decision, either from authorities, social organizations, or individual users, are sincerely welcome, and we will revisit our listing process on a fully-informed basis. You may submit the inquiry or email support@bitmart.comand we will get back to you promptly.

– BitMart Team on June 18, 2019