As we wrap up Hackathon ONE in partnership with ShareRing and RMIT Blockchain Club, what an amazing event it was! 

Hackathon ONE where ideas become a reality and innovative solutions are born.

ShareRing is the first blockchain based global eco-system for the sharing and rental economy. Together with RMIT Blockchain Club, the Hackathon ONE ran across two huge days with three huge prizes up for grabs!

1st Place:

– 3x two hour round table mentoring sessions with highly experienced ShareRing board members – CEO, Tim Bos, COO, Rohan Le Page, and Co-Founder Neville Christie.

– The super shiny FIRST ShareRing/RMIT Blockchain Club hackathon medals.

– Bragging rights as the winner of the original Blockchain Club Hackathon.

2nd Place:

– AU$1000 equivalent in SHR Token.

3rd Place: 

– AU$500 SHR platform voucher.

Two of Ellipal’s Crypto Wallet’s were also up for grabs in the Day 2 Raffle! 

We had an overwhelming response to the event, narrowing it down to 20 eager students. From here four teams were created with each team having an innovator, a manager, a marketer and a developer in their mix. 

In order to win, students had to come up with the most innovative, built feature for the ShareRing platform. 

Day 1:

With an early start, quick introductions and much needed caffeine the teams were placed in their groups. Nick Creed and Saskia Prichard from RMIT kicked the Hackathon off with some ice breaker activities. Rohan Le Page, COO at ShareRing, then presented the topics and expectations for the event. Next, the teams began their initial brainstorms before deciding on a topic and diving in! This continued late into the night.

But of course, we couldn’t be solving world problems on empty stomachs, plenty of pizza, snacks and Coke ergy was provided. 

Day 2:

The four teams battled it out for the second day making final touches before their much anticipated pitch to our judges: Rohan Le Page (COO), Stewart Lever (NAB) and Paige Stuart (Marketing Coordinator).

Each project showed innovation and a clear solution to a current problem. Below is a short break down of the pitches and how they ranked from our expert panel. 

The Results!

In 4th place was 5Blox pitching ShareMeal! 

This was a new wholesome experience aimed at the peer to peer market. Locals could offer truly unique experiences in their homes or chosen location – For example, travelling to Vietnam and sharing a meal in a local home. ShareMeal also incorporated reputation management, creating a prototype for an immutable review system. 

In 3rd place was the Data Crackers!

This ingenious project was targeted at the BSPs. Creating a platform for businesses to collaborate and communicate on package deals. Using data analytics and mining keywords, customers could ask for a specific holiday package that would then mine discounts from the providers to pull together the package. The tech delivered on this project blew us away, with the team producing a working BSP platform.

In 2nd place was Queen Bee pitching ShareRing Travel Guide

Thinking outside the box this team built a marketing platform targeted at the end user. ShareRing travel guide is aimed at travel bloggers and influencers to build brand awareness and increase sales. Bloggers could create their own platform through the ShareRing website and post about their experiences, where they stayed, etc. The end user could use these blogs to book their next trip and a % of each sale would be given to the blogger.  

And the winners…. Three and Half Devs pitching ShareSimplify!

This team expertly presented a current problem in the travel industry and created a simple yet genius solution. Their pitch consisted of three components.

  1. ShareSimplify – A collaborative holiday booking system. Ever booked a holiday with friends or family and found it difficult to keep track of the plan and costs? ShareSimplify developed a working product to solve this problem, one itinerary that everyone has access too. Functionality included financials breakdown/split, invite new members and the ability to save favourites.
  2. ShareTransfer – A friend drops out? No problem! Their proven prototype illustrated how that portion of the trip could be transferred to another person or split between the remaining group through a Smart Contract from a ShareRing smart wallet.
  3. ShareJoin – Using dynamic data the groups could select interests, activities, amount of people etc. and have pre-populated what’s available and what suits their needs showcasing real reviews.

This winning pitch we saw as adding great value to the ShareRing platform with minimum development required!

All pitches were delivered to a high standard and the above summaries in no way show the depth of the pitches and detailed prototypes illustrated.

We are so thankful for everyone that participated and a huge thank you to the team at ShareRing and RMIT Blockchain Club for putting on such a great event. It was a brilliant couple of days and we cannot wait to see what the next one brings! 

If you are interested in connecting with the RMIT Blockchain Club, check out their facebook page or contact them via email at!