ShareRing Shop features a powerful & feature-rich merchant dashboard, providing merchants with full control over their shop, alongside analytic reports for a birds-eye view over performance metrics.

ShareRing Shop Merchant Dashboard

ShareRing Shop’s merchant dashboard is powerful and feature-rich. Most noteworthy, it provides merchants with the ability to quickly set up and customize their shop.

ShareRing Shop merchants can instantly access all sections of the dashboard, including:

  • Shop Settings
  • Sales
  • Tax settings
  • Profile Settings
  • Reports

Merchant Dashboard – Shop Management

This section allows a merchant to enter the details of their shop, set delivery availability, product management and more. Furthermore, settings like delivery times, zones, exclusions and slots can be changed readily.

Merchants will be able to effortlessly create a product catalog from where they can add products (via CSV) to their inventories for selling.

They can also readily activate or deactivate products, add stock, edit products descriptions, images and more.

ShareRing Shop Dashboard Merchant Shop Settings
ShareRing Shop Dashboard Merchant Shop Times
ShareRing Shop Dashboard Merchant Manage Orders

Merchant Dashboard – Sales Management

In this section, merchants will be able to view and edit their past orders, as well as cancel any processing orders. They will also be able to view any cancellation and return requests.

ShareRing Shop Dashboard Merchant Order View
ShareRing Shop Dashboard Merchant Search Orders
ShareRing Shop Dashboard Merchant Cancellation Requests

Profile Management

In this section, merchants can edit their profile and bank information. Also, they can access their messages and credit information; including topping up credit and withdrawing credit from their wallet.

ShareRing Shop Dashboard Merchant Profile Management
ShareRing Shop Dashboard Merchant Credit

Report Management

In this section, merchants can readily track statistics such-as;

  • Sales Reports
  • Product Performance Reports
  • Inventory Report
  • Product Stock Status.

Furthermore, email alerts can be customised to inform merchants when a product has fallen below their desired amount.

Inventory Report
Stock Status Report

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Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more sneak peeks into the ShareRing Shop.

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