General Updates:
As we ramp up our launch, we made a decision to change the structure of our marketing team, and focus more towards digital marketing, growth hacking and our social media reach (Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, etc). So, please welcome our new Marketing Director, Elvin, to the ShareRing team. Elvin has a number of years experience in digital marketing, helping over 300 companies and a number of large startups with some very successful digital marketing strategies. We’re excited to have Elvin and the new marketing team on board!
Partnership update:
The last fortnight has been huge in terms of our partnerships. We will be announcing them in the future, but we have now signed (or are reviewing the contract) partnerships for:

Hotel Bookings (global)
Short Stay Apartments (global)
Car Rental (3 major rental companies)
Activities (global)
Another major auto manufacturer
Flight bookings
And a few other BIG surprises

We are putting together the marketing plan to announce all of these partnerships. 
Meet our new Sales Administrator, Thailand!

Another new month and another new addition to our brilliant team!

Skye – Sales Administrator, Thailand
Skye has a background in international trade, with her most recent employer being a large import/export business. Skye also freelances as a translator, having helped translate a number of apps from Korean and English to Thai, including GPS tracking apps and other IOT related products.

Sales Update:
We contimue to meet with hotel & activity providers in Vietnam and Australia with new opportunities now in Thailand and Hong Kong.

Please welcome Skye to our direct sales team in Bangkok.  Skye joined us in Vietnam a few weeks ago to receive some training from the team on our product and rollout model.
 Ongoing Sales tasks:

Working with current providers to ensure data provided is the best possible  quality for launch.

Onboarding new providers in in the hotelier space and activities, along with our other verticals (Car Rental and Flights).
Development Update:

Final touches on Crypto Payments.

Completed Car Rental UI for mobile tweaks.

Upgraded ShareLedger to the latest version of Tendermint.

Further refinements to OneID and ShareLedger integration.

Added new feature that allows the transfer of SHRP between ShareLedger wallets for a more streamlined experience.
 Ongoing developments tasks:In the meantime, the team has been busy working on the UX, user flow, business logic and API integration, and everything else that’s required to ensure a smooth rollout.

As planned, we will release our Hotel bookings only when we go live, then we will gradually add other features as we develop them.
Marketing Update:

Our new Marketing Director, Elvin, is currently implementing the following:

Blog Restructure & Redesign
Recruiting new Influencers.
Mobile Tracking & Analytics.

Restructuring new design, graphics, illustrations and structure. Ensuring consistent brand standards across public sites, social media channels. Blog and collateral.

A big app launch contest will follow after the waiting list queue is completed (stay tuned!)
Mentor Program for Hackathon Winners:
Our hackathon winners will be beginning their 1st prize Mentor Session with ShareRing Board Members Tim Bos, Neville Christie & Rohan Le Page in November.

More updates and feedback from our Hackathon winners to come!
Upcoming AMA:
Rohan will be in our Viet Nam office next week to sit down with the team and go through some roadmap tasks and updates.

On Thursday, October 31st @ at 16:00 (GMT+7), we will hold an AMA with Rohan and some members of the development team.  More details will be announced on social soon.