What an incredible year! As sad as we are to say “Goodbye” to 2019, we are extremely excited to take it up a notch in 2020. There is so much more for us to show you, but for now, check out the top ShareRing highlights of 2019!


ShareRing launches blockchain-powered car sharing on top of existing rental services

ShareRing announced its first service; a car-sharing option that lets users book and unlock a rental vehicle within 30 seconds.

ShareRing Publishes Leased Proof-Of-Stake Document

Since its inception, Proof-of-Work has laid the path for many other consensus mechanisms now in circulation. In this document, we describe Leased Proof-of-Stake, a variation used in the ShareLedger distributed ledger. Also addressed are the implementation and technical variances the ShareLedger consensus algorithm provides. Download the full PDF version of Leased Proof-Of-Stake document here.

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ShareRing Announces Features & Benefits for Businesses Signing Up with ShareRing!

Introducing ShareRings three-tiered service plan for Business Services Providers (BSP). Each tier includes our standard features. Additional features become available through a choice of plans. Fees start from just 5% with paid plans, including a marketing rebate. More Here.


ShareRing Partners with AlgoZ for Liquidity Solutions

ShareRing announced in February that it has chosen AlgoZ to provide it with market-making and liquidity solutions.

Tim Speaks At Toyota Fleet Management’s Annual Sales Conference

Tim was honoured to be invited to Toyota Fleet Management’s annual sales conference to share his thoughts on the future of mobility.


ShareRing Releases Testnet

ShareRing hits a major milestone, processing around 1600 REAL Keaz bookings per day on the ShareLedger testnet.

ShareRing Celebrates Our 1 Year Anniversary

In March ShareRing celebrated our 1 year anniversary! We released a short video with some statements from the ShareRing founders.

ShareRings New Studio Apartment

Back in March, we announced our studio apartment in Ho Chi Minh City! We will make this available for long term holders of $SHR in the very near future. You’ll also get free use of a desk at the ShareRing Vietnam office.



ShareRing Foundation Announcement

Tourism may be great for a local economy, but it’s often at the expense of the environment (pollution, soil erosion, habitat loss, etc). ShareRing wants to help mitigate that by creating a foundation that will focus on reversing the environmental effects of tourism. More Here.

Emily Represents ShareRing at the MOBI Colloqium in Shanghai!

In April Emily (ShareRing Aus) went to Shanghai, China for some very productive meetings. She also represented ShareRing at the MOBI Colloqium in Shanghai!


ShareRing Support Crypto Payments

Back in May, we announced that we will be supporting payments in cryptocurrencies.

ShareRing Shows OneID’s KYC process

The first reveal of ShareRing’s OneID KYC process, read here for more information on our self-sovereign identity management system OneID.

Tim Meets With Senior Staff At The Indian Government

Tim had some great meetings in May with some senior staff at the Indian Government. It was great to hear about their interest and commitment to blockchain technology. Particularly around the tourism and sharing economy.



ShareRing Lists On Bitmart Exchange

In June ShareRing listed on Bitmart Exchange which allowed investors from America to purchase SHR tokens for the first time.

ShareRing Joins the Binance Chain Ecosystem

ShareRing announces that We’re going to be part of the Binance Chain Ecosystem! We also announced that we will issue a BEP2 token. More Here:



ShareRing Lists On Binance Dex

In July Binance announced us as their next coin to be listed on their new DEX exchange.

ShareRing Releases ShareSwap

ShareSwap allows you to swap your ERC20 tokens to BEP2 SHR here. If there’s an issue with the process, please email hello@sharering.network .


ShareRing Partners With One Of The Worlds Largest Activity Providers.

ShareRing announced We’ll be adding over 200,000 activities, tours and events to the ShareRing travel platform.


ShareRing Announces Cash-Out Feature

ShareRing offers a ‘cash out’ feature, this means no more visiting ATMs, risking skimming and other hacks. You can have your cash waiting for you directly at the hotel or participating venue all within a few taps on the phone.


ShareRing Announce 1.2 Million Vehicles Across 150 Countries!

At the end of August ShareRing announced an upcoming partnership with a major global car rental brand, adding 1.2 million vehicles to the ShareRing platform OneID will be an integral part of this partnership,


ShareRing Works With RMIT In Hackathon ONE

The Hackathon ONE ran across two huge days with three huge prizes up for grabs! More Here.

ShareRing Onboards Top 3 Thai Car Rental Company

In September, Tim announced another huge partnership with a top 3 flagship car rental company.

ShareRing Partners With The Australian Luggage Co

ShareRing partnered with The Australian Luggage Co. Formed in 1996 and proudly Australian owned and operated, The Australian Luggage Co. offers fantastic brands such as Tosca, Disney and Kosciuszko, to name just a few. More Here.



ShareRing Announces Partnership With HomeAway Software; 2 Million Property Rentals in 190 Countries!

ShareRing’s vision of more shareable travel assets has added another fantastic supplier by way of Homeaway Software! More Here.

ShareRing launches Our Official Blog

You can find the latest news and information about ShareRing here!



ShareRing Launches BuyBack Program

ShareRing Announces Thailand eVOA Joint Venture With Gateway Services

ShareRing announced a joint venture with Gateway Services, one of two companies allowed by the Thailand Government to provide their new eVOA service. More Here.

ShareRing Announce 10,000 Real Users On Our Test Environment

ShareRing’s test environment hitting 10,000 real users, mostly driven from Keaz car-sharing apps.

TRON Wins ShareRings First Community Coin Competiton

Congratulations to the Tron foundation for winning the first coin integration competition! More Here.


ShareRing’s BuyBack Program Purchases Over 20 Million SHR Since November

20 million SHR have been purchased since the commencement of buyback in Nov 2019. Buybacks will be distributed to our node holders as rewards for helping with testing and rewards for other community members who have gone above and beyond. More Here.

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ShareRing Announce Nano As A New Payment Method

Congratulations to Nano for becoming the second community coin to become a payment method in the ShareRing ecosystem. More Here.


ShareRing Partners with Dhipaya Insurance

ShareRing Partners with Dhipaya Insurance – Thailand’s Largest non-life Insurance Provider. More Here.

Credits Win ShareRings Third Community Coin Competition

The partnership will allow users of Credits to use their CS coins to pay for flights, hotel accommodations, car rentals, tours, eVOA applications, insurance, and more. More Here.