Last Week’s Accomplishments:

[PAYMENT] Add “TRX” as another crypto in payment methods on ShareRing app
[PAYMENT] Add “Nano” as another crypto in payment methods on ShareRing app
[BC] Update Blockchain Explorer to work with new Testnet
[App-Android] Push Firebase Notification
[App-IOS] Push Firebase Notification
[SHR] SHR transfer between wallet
[BC] Create transferCoinTx to collect a fee
[HOTEL] Changing hotel pax’s design
Re-open notification functions on app and server
[VOUCHER] Generate booking’s voucher right after successfully creating a booking
[HOTEL_SEARCH] The map needs to show prices on the pins
[EVOA] Import partner passport to a phone using QR code
Download booking Voucher PDF and apply to E-VOA
Adding multiple documents such as passport, identity card, driver license on the same OneID
Backup and restore multiple OneID
Extract fields on accommodation, flight voucher
Evaluate matching rating between faces of documents
iOS version release of internal testing

This Weeks Plan

[Mobile] Get notification from server about verification status of OneID getting back from Onfido
[Mobile] Apply API accommodationSuggestion
[Mobile] Apply API accommodationSearch
Updating EVISA status automatically from the server through notification
[BC] POS – revoke validator role for low stake
[BC] POS – slashing mechanism
Bugs fixing


Implement UI for activities flow
Improve app features
Preparing to build merchant dashboard