We have big news. It’s launch time!

Don’t believe the bullsh*t .com

‘Cheapest price you’ve seen’? That’s because its the FIRST price you’ve seen

‘In high demand’? According to who? Bullsh*t .com scientists?

‘Scored 8/10’? Let’s not forget this review system starts at 2.5, not 0, making for a fake review

‘In high demand – only 3 rooms left’? Don’t rush, on average a room sells every 8 hours which means you have 24 hours to make a decision

Don’t be fooled any longer.

ShareRing is launching. Real pricing. $0.05 booking fee. Completely transparent. We want to celebrate with YOU, our loyal subscribers.

We are offering YOU early access, $1 rooms, exclusive benefits and pioneer membership. To be in the running simply join our wait queue:


We’re not normally one for pushing in, but with benefits this incredible we don’t blame you! So here’s how it works…

Fly up the queue by sending your travel buddies your personal invite. If they join, you will jump the queue.

Easy as ready, set, go! 

Join now!