Plair joins the ShareRing Ecosystem as a new payment method; allowing hotels, car rentals, tours, eVOA applications, insurance and so much more to be purchased with PLA token.

ShareRing welcomes Plair as the newest payment method in the ShareRing ecosystem!

“To further support the VeChain ecosystem, Plair has also partnered up with ShareRing. I believe using Plair and VET to expand across into other platform is the fastest way to grow the blockchain ecosystem. With the announcement of the VeChain Partnership working with ShareRing just made sense.”

CEO of Plair Pat

ShareRing is an enterprise-ready blockchain geared towards the travel, sharing and on-demand economies. Focused on the fragmented $7 trillion travel economy, ShareRing’s travel app will create a more cohesive customer experience by bringing all the necessary activities and bookings into one ecosystem. The ShareRing app is scheduled to launch in Q3, enabling Plair token holders to use their PLA as a payment method towards:

  •  2.5+ million hotels in 190 countries 
  •  1.2+ million vehicles across 150 countries 
  •  eVOA (Electronic Visa on Arrival) Applications
  •  200,000+ Activities & Tours
  •  Flights
  •  Insurance
  •  And much more

“Our partnership with Plair is a logical progression in working with the greater VeChain Ecosystem. By working together and offering Plair as a payment method, we continue our expansion in the number of users that can leverage our services.”

CEO of ShareRing Tim Bos

COVID-19 Response to Travel and Delivery

In response to COVID-19 pandemic, we released ‘ShareRing Shop’. The application was created to ease food grocery delivery for gig economy users, customers, and merchants. We have also developed a number of protocols on top of the ShareLedger blockchain which can make it easier, faster and safer to travel during the ongoing global pandemic. These applications include no-contact check-in at hotels and an online e-visa application integrated with identity verification. Additionally, ShareRing ID’s COVID passport functionality will allow for easier travel between countries during the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. 

An Insight Into Plair

The Plair vision aims to promote and facilitate gaming to the greater public through a combination of online and offline products and events. With Plair, gamers will reap the benefits that sports fans and athletes experience with accessible venues for playing, spectating and discussing the games they love. Through Plair’s decentralised, gamer-focused technology, they enable the following: 

  • Rewards for both video game streamers and viewers for their participation on our platform. 
  • The growth of the amateur eSports scene, aiding amateur player development for professional organisations. 
  • Additional dApp development through accessible open-source tools. 
  • The merging of gameplay and streaming on a unified platform. 
  • A platform that brings together the massive gaming industry and crypto community.

Plair (PLA) is built on VeChainThor, a public blockchain which uses VeChainThor Energy (VTHO) to power transactions and smart contracts. Plair (PLA) is used as a utility token and store of value with our partners to power the Plair platform.

VeChainThor is a public blockchain designed for mass adoption of blockchain technology by businesses of all sizes. This will serve as the foundation for Plair’s sustainable and scalable business blockchain ecosystem.

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