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Technology Update

Nodes Updated with the New ShareLedger v1.1 + New Features

On the 10th June, 15 nodes were updated with the new ShareLedger v1.1! We will also replay the transactions from SL v1.0 so we don’t lose any data. Lots of new features, including pooling, with commissions for the validators.

ShareRing Masternodes Update

API Overview Documentation

ShareRing’s API Overview documentation has officially been updated! This is an important milestone for us, showcasing the rich functionality we’ve built into ShareLedger and our supporting ShareRing infrastructure.

ShareRing API Guide Document

Hard Fork Testing and ShareRing Swap API Improvements

This month we have successfully completed our ShareLedger hard fork testing. Also, ShareRing’s new ShareSwap API is working very well. Swaps will also generate a tx on ShareLedger!

SHR/BUSD Trade Pair Proposal for Binance DEX

We’ve just added a proposal to add a BUSD/SHR pair to Binance DEX! Thanks to Binance for the suggestion and guiding us through the process.

Please comment and support ShareRing’s proposal on Binance DEX.

ShareRing and Binance DEX BUSD Trading Pair

Exchange Update

Tim gives a quick update on ShareRing’s exchange plans. We are currently working with 2 exchanges to list SHR token, stay tuned for more information!

Products Update

ShareRing Shop Soft Launch in Melbourne

Earlier this month we announced the soft launch of ShareRing Shop in Melbourne!

SharePay and ShareRing App Integration

Since this tweet, the team has been very busy and have successfully implemented SharePay to the ShareRing Shop, as well as integrating the Shop to our flagship App. This integration means all ShareRing Shop transactions will run through the ShareLedger blockchain.

Soon users can travel and shop locally all from one app, advancing our vision of unifying the travel, sharing and e-commerce economies. 

ShareRing Shop Now Supports the Thai Language & Currency

The ShareRing app now fully supports the Thai language and currency! Supporting the Thai language & currency is essential as we ramp up our operations in Thailand.

Does anyone speak Thai? The @ShareRingGlobal app now fully supports the Thai language and currency. I wonder what we’ve got cooking up there… hmmm.

Supporting Art and Local Artists with ShareRing Shop

Earlier this month we released a teaser for an exciting addition to the ShareRing Shop, supporting art and promoting local artists.

New Partnerships

Alpha Sigma Capital Invests in the ShareRing Ecosystem

This month the ShareRing Ecosystem welcomed Alpha Sigma Capital (ASC), an investment fund focused on blockchain companies that have successfully built a user base, demonstrating real-world uses for their decentralized ecosystems.

ASC is focused on technology companies that are leveraging blockchain technology to provide value-add in areas such as fintech, AI, supply chain, and healthcare.

ShareRing Partners with Alpha Sigma Capital

ShareRing Integrates with Fireblocks Network

This month we announced our integration with Fireblocks; an enterprise-grade platform delivering a secure infrastructure for moving, storing and issuing digital assets. 

Fireblocks enables exchanges, custodians, banks, trading desks, and hedge funds to securely scale digital asset operations through patent-pending SGX & MPC technology. 

They have secured the transfer of over $30 billion in digital assets and have a unique insurance policy that covers assets in storage & in transit.

ShareRing Partners with Fireblocks

New Additions to the ShareRing Team

New ShareRing CIO Alan Kidd

This month we have welcomed several new members to the ShareRing team!

Firstly, our new CIO Alan Kidd! He comes from spending many yrs of programme management, working for companies such as RBS and Quilter, before that he worked as Director in Equities IT for UBS (for 15 yrs), he was also a developer in his early career.

New Sales Staff & Office in Thailand

In Thailand, we hired 2 new sales staff who will be primarily focused on partnership management as well as a secret project we are working on in the region!

New Thailand ShareRing Office

We also moved into our new Thailand office! Take a look at the pictures to see what the new office looks like, this is where the ShareRing Thailand sales team will be working hard on the secret project.🤫

Three New Developers Join ShareRing

3 new developers have joined the ShareRing team! They will help us greatly in supporting the release of ShareRing Shop, Vanilla ShareRing app, ShareRing Travel functionality and numerous other product offerings currently in the works.

Marketing Update

CEO’s AMA with Brad Laurie & our CEO Tim Bos, Monday 29th June, 2 PM (GMT+10)

In this interview, Brad Laurie speaks with Tim Bos covering everything ShareRing stands for, building the ShareRing infrastructure/apps for the sharing economy, COVID passports on the blockchain, ShareRing’s future and much more!

Today BlockchainBrad speaks with Tim Bos about building the infrastructure and apps for the sharing economy.

CEO’s AMA Transcript: ShareRing’s CEO Tim Bos Speaks with Blockchain Brad

Click the image below if you prefer to read the AMA instead.

SHR AMA with BlockchainBrad

SHR AMA: CEO Tim Bos & Crypto Malaysia Facebook Group

In this #SHRAMA with Crypto Malaysia, CEO Tim Bos (@TheRealTimBos) discusses ShareRing’s core aspects, revenue forecasts, MOU updates and much more!

SHR AMA with Crypto Malaysia

Marketing Director Elvin Talks ShareRing

ShareRing’s Marketing Director Elvin Cheung was a panel speaker at a conference in Hong Kong this month where he discussed some exciting things ShareRing has been up to recently!

Elvin Talks ShareRing

ShareRing Website Refresh

It’s about time we have a refresh and add new content to the website right?

ShareRing’s New Website Refresh Teaser!

This refresh will move away from our current travel focus and instead focus on all the top use cases the ShareRing Ecosystem is involved in.

ShareRing Website Refresh

ShareRing in the News

This month has seen some fantastic mentions and features covering ShareRing; including a research report from GDA Capital, featured articles from our partner Altcoinbuzz, PR in tier-1 business media platforms and highly educational YouTube videos from Techtipstogo!

GDA Research Report

This research & analysis report by Global Digital Assets provides an extremely positive overview and valuation of our project. This is a must-read!

GDA Research Report on ShareRing

Altcoinbuzz: ShareRing Update

In this video, Altcoinbuzz gives an update on some of the recent news announced by ShareRing.

HUGE COINBASE PUMP!! Vechain VET, Crypto.com CRO, CargoX and ShareRing | Crypto News

TechTipsToGo: How to Buy ShareRing

In this educational video, Ron explains how to purchase the ShareRing token on Bitmart and Binance DEX.

How To Buy ShareRing Altcoin SHR Cryptocurrency on Bitmart or Binance

TechTipsToGo: Vechain & ShareRing Are Paving The Way With COVID Digital Blockchain Passports

In this video, Ron from TechTipsToGo discusses how Vechain & ShareRing are paving the way with COVID digital blockchain passports!

Vechain & ShareRing Are Paving The Way With COVID Digital Blockchain Passports!

Tier-1 Business Media Platforms

Business Insider: Alpha Sigma Capital invests in ShareRing, A Blockchain Project creating a unified Ecosystem for the Travel, Sharing and On-Demand Economies

Yahoo Finance: The ShareRing Network (SHR) integrates with Fireblocks Network

Fun Stuff

ShareRing’s 3rd Birthday

June 25th marked ShareRing’s 3rd birthday! We’d like to thank all of our loyal community members, new and old, for supporting us through our journey of creating a unified ecosystem for the travel, sharing and on-demand economies.

Good Fortune for an Amazing Week

Tim is blessed with some extremely good luck with 12 double eggs in a row. According to sources online, the chances of that happening are 1 in quintillion!

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SHR AMA Transcript: ShareRing’s CEO Tim Bos & Crypto Malaysia Facebook Group
CEO’s AMA Transcript: ShareRing’s CEO Tim Bos speaks with BlockchainBrad
Alpha Sigma Capital Invests in ShareRing

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