The bounty was an overwhelming success. With over 50 entries, we had to raise our entry limit to allow the final competitors to submit their videos!

We had a lot of good submissions, many from influencers within and outside the crypto space, community members, and newcomers. 

Choosing only 3 was not easy.

We had some great submissions that were either too short, too long or otherwise didn’t meet all the criteria we were looking for. While we could not place them in the top 3 we will award consolation prizes for those and all participants that made strong efforts.

For those that met all the requirements we used a 10 point scale to rate the production value and quality of the information delivered to determine the finalists, and voted among the team to select the winners.

The Winners

1st Place – SHRvideo
Total Prize = $4960.40 SHR
$3500 SHR + $500 SHR (no referral) + $960.40 SHR engagement bonus (27.44%)

2nd Place – Bruno Rossini
Total prize = $4,727 SHR
$2000 SHR + $2727.20 SHR engagement bonus (77.92%)

3rd Place – Blockchain Max
Total Prize = $1,241.85 SHR
$1000 SHR + $241.85 SHR engagement bonus (6.91%)

Honorable mentions

Abby Wang

CYT Crypto


Gypsy King


We wish to thank every one of you for your help in making this contest a success!

Also, a big thanks to our friends at Bounty0x for their great work hosting, managing, and promoting this with us!

Prizes will be distributed on October 30th by Bounty0x.

And don’t forget, we still have a live Twitter Bounty with 5 top prizes of over $100 in SHR!

And our weekly Trivia contest with $1000 in prizes!

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