In the first weekly update of the series, CEO Tim Bos provides a general company update, focusing on sales & partnerships, BSN integration, new exchanges, and more!


Hi I’m Tim Bos and I’m the CEO of ShareRing, this is the first of our new weekly update videos. We will be doing a brief update every week with the heads of the business, taking it in turns to let you know what’s happening at ShareRing.

The first is me, which is general in nature. Then we will have Elvin next week talking about marketing. We’re going to have Jonathan the week after that talking about sales and partnerships. Then the week after we will have Alan, who’s going to be talking about product development and where we are at with that.

So first and overall company update, since the start of this year the company has more than doubled, we have got 35-36 staff across several countries. We have a new office in Vietnam, which is mostly software developers. We have our Hong Kong office which is marketing. We got our Thai office which is focused on operations and sales. Then Australia, UK, and staff in the US.

80%-90% of our staff are focused on technology, we have also just hired a couple more blockchain developers who will be focused on integrations. We are also hiring some more API and backend developers, their main focus will be on accepting more types of identity cards for ShareRing ID, working with our AI engine for OCR, and things like that.

General Partnerships and Sales

In terms of general partnerships and sales, as I have mentioned before, we have some large partnerships that we will be announcing soon. I really can’t wait till we release those. BSN was a great announcement a couple of weeks ago, but the upcoming partnerships are equally or maybe even larger than that.

We are just finalizing the PR for a couple of those, with others to come shortly after. I’ve mentioned this before and it still stands where most of our PR announcements we work directly with our partners and get them to announce it at the same time.

Things like travel-related ones have been held off until Q3-Q4, we do have one coming up soon. Then there are some infrastructure and other related partnerships coming in the pipeline.

We are also in active discussion with a number of opportunities. Since Jonathan came on a few weeks ago, he has really been thrown in the deep end. He has brought a number of opportunities to us, and then also us close some of the existing ones.

Most of those are focused around ShareRing ID, and when Jonathan has his quick update, he will give you a view on where our sales focus is at the moment. You’ll see ShareRIng is really underpinning a lot of what we are working on, so things like eVisa, Open World Passport, banking, insurance, dCommerce (ShareRing Shop), and things like that.

BSN Fully Integrated

As I have mentioned, BSN has now been fully integrated. We have some new documentation for that soon, it is complete and under review now. Hopefully, we start seeing some companies and other developers start integrating with ShareLedger via the BSN very soon.

Blockchain Explorer

We are also testing a new version of the blockchain explorer, one of our developers is also working on some updates that will allow us to report on transaction types such-as: ShareRing ID, ShareRing Shop purchases, payments, and things like that. That will give you a really good view to see where our largest growth areas are.

ShareRing App

The app itself is going through testing, we are going to be releasing a version of it very soon. It’s going to have the updated User Interface and some of the updated User Experience. That is going through testing alongside some other small updates as well.

New Exchanges

In terms of exchanges, a lot of people are asking when we are going on some larger tier 1 exchanges. I’m very happy to say we have two of those approved. We are just going through the final legal review before they launch. Then maybe some more to follow after that.

Generally, when we launch those, you won’t get a lot of notice before that. We might launch 24 hours or 48 hours beforehand so we can start deposits, and then launch the exchange.

I think that’s it for this quick update, if you have any questions drop a reply in the comments below and we’ll try to respond to you. Thanks very much and enjoy your upcoming weekend.

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